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A fresh startup located in Madagascar that works in the digital world. Helps and participates in the accompaniment of its customers to choose the best digital solutions for their business

About Us

MIT is a startup launched in 2021 as a software engineering consultant, started by a single fullstack developer until mid 2022.
Since 2022, MIT is composed of a technical team that are good at what they do. Equipped with a UX/UI designer, three fullstack developers, an analyst and also team manager.
We accompany several customers to offer them digital solutions to improve their business. Not only that, we also create a digital solution on demand with the suggestions of new adapted technologies.

Our Projects

The coach Family

Conception - Development A-Z - Testing - Deployment
Site for making appointments with experts in several fields. The site allows people 
to make an appointment and then allows the expert to credit the person for the time spent


UI/UX - Integration UI - Maintenance
Gas station management back-office application. Allows the agent, customer, service station to facilitate payment, management of transport services, delivery, etc.


Bug fix - Maintenance - Amelioration
Travel reservation management application, tourist travel management
004_Beeblo logo (1)


Conception - Development A-Z - Testing
Application for selling beeblo brand t-shirts, complete e-commerce site


Conception - Development A-Z - Testing - Deployment
An application similar to, complete site with backoffice to manage products, blog, and available categories.


Conception - Development A-Z - Testing - Deployment
A mobile music therapy application, with an artificial intelligence that detects the user's emotion and offers a list of music suited to their mood
Why hire us for your next Project
We can offer you a better digital approach for your business. Having a good knowledge with the right teams, we can propose, create, optimize a web or mobile application, a working tool, a reference site for your company.

Visual Design

Create user interface design with unique & modern ideas

Precious idea

Propose a better idea to boost your performance and success

Powerful application

Create a flexible, robust and secure application

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